Cheddar Cheese For Sale Online

Product Type: Cheese
Type: Hard Cheese
Processing Type: Fermented
Shape: Bar
Variety: Ripened cheese
Cheese Type: Cheddar
Origin: Cattle

Packaging Details
10kg or 25kg carton in bulk
we also do the packing in As Customers demands



Cheddar Cheese For Sale Online

White and brown Cheddar Cheese For Sale Online, we have both shredded and whole cheddar cheese at wholesale prices. Distributor of Cheddar Cheese. Firstly, we are sellers of  Cheddar Cheese and we are looking for serious buyers to establish good and long term business relationship with them. We supply a wide number of products ranging from Nido Milk PowderSkim milk powderCoke Diet DrinkAptamil Infant Formula MilkPepsi Soft Drinks etc. Premium Cheese For Sale. Wholesale of Organic Cheese

Moreover, Cheddar Cheese is a popular option for snacking and cooking.Cheddar cheese is named after the English village of Cheddar, where it was first created in the 11th century. The process of making cheddar is also similar to that of other cheeses. It begins with a mixture of cultured milk and rennet. Leftover liquid, called whey, is then drained to leave behind curds. Heating the curds removes moisture and equally melts them into large slabs. These are then pressed through a mill and into a mold. The formed blocks of cheddar are then aged until ready to be eaten. 

Nutrition Information: Cheddar Cheese For Sale Online

Like many dairy products, cheese is rich in calcium. In addition to helping build strong bones, calcium also plays a role in blood clotting and several other important functions.

Cheddar can also be a great source of:

  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K

One cubic inch of cheddar cheese contains:

  •  69 calories
  •  4 grams of protein
  •  6 grams of fat
  •  Less than 1 gram of carbohydrates

Potential Health Benefits

Many of the ingredients in cheese offer a variety of health benefits. Some of those benefits include:

Lower cholesterol. Despite its saturated fat content, eating cheese in moderation may help you lower your cholesterol. This is especially true for middle-aged adults. Premium Cheese For Sale



Fat Content (%): 45 MAX

Cow’s milk made 100%
100% made from  cow’

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Fat Content (%): 45 MAX
Cow’s milk made 100% real Mozzarella Cheese
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100% made from  cow’s milk

shredded cheddar cheese available at wholesale prices online.


A. Case pack 2.27kg(5lbs)X4 bags per case.
B. Products are packaged in an oxygen barrier film.

Please visit our available products and contact us for more details. You can either call, text or email us anytime using our contact details on our contact page and one of our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible. Wholesale of Organic white and brown cheddar Cheese for sale in bulk from a reliable sellers and distributor.

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