Aptamil Infant Formula milk

Age Group: Baby
Age: 0 – 3 Months, 3 – 6 Months, 6 – 12 Months
Purity (%): 100
Product Type: Milk Powder
Feature: Nutritious, Low-Sugar, Low-Fat, Low-Carb

Packaging Details
(1 X 600 grams) ( Carton have 5 X 600 Grams units)
( 1 X 800 Grams Unit) (Carton have 4 X 800 Grams units)

Nutrient Content: Aptamil Infant Formula milk



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Brand: Aptamil

Model Name: Infant Formula stage 1, 2, 3 etc.

Quantity: Per our customers’ requirement.

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Baby Milk Powder Formula
Aptamil, Nido etc

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Aptamil Milk Powder

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Other Aptamil Infant Formula milk stages are as available below

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Aptamil Lactose Free Milk, Aptamil Follow On Milk, Aptamil Hungry First Infant Milk, Aptamil First Infant Milk

That is why public health nurse, dietitian, pharmacist or other professional responsible for maternal and child care, based on baby’s individual needs.

Do not use if your baby has been diagnosed with a cow’s milk allergy.

Use Growing Up milk as part of a varied balanced diet from 1 year.

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