Best quality Icumsa 45 Sugar

Product Type: Sugar
Form: Granular
Color: White & Brown Sugar
Purity (%): 100
Type: White & Brown Granulated Sugar
Processing Type: Refined
Primary Ingredient: Beet Sugar, Cane Sugar

Packaging Details
Packing 50 kgs pp/pe.
Packing 25 kgs pp/pe.
Refined Sugar 45 Icumsa Max.
Packing 50 kgs pp/pe.
Packing 25 kgs pp/pe.
Packing 10 kgs pp/pe.
Packing 5 kgs, 2 kgs, 1 kg, 500g.



Best quality Icumsa 45 Sugar

product & grade: Best quality Icumsa 45 Sugar, Best Quality Brazil Sugar Icumsa 45, White Refined Sugar for sale, White Brazilian sugar, White Crystal sugar online all available in bulk and at wholesale price.

refined white cane sugar – grade “a” – icumsa 45 rbu

Specifications: Best quality Icumsa 45 Sugar

polarization 99.80% degrees min

Ash by electrical conduct 0.04% max (on dry weight basis)

Quantity of Ash content 0.08 max

Moisture 0.04% max

Icumsa 45 rbu max, (brazil s.g.s. scale)

Solubility 100% dry and free flowing

Color sparking white

Best quality Brazil Sugar icumsa 45 at wholesale price.

Icumsa maximum 45 attenuation index units (icumsa method no.: 4-1978)

Radiation within cs-137 of 50 bq per kg

Granulation fine crystal

Crop latest

Magnetic particles mg/kg 4 max

SO2 mg/kg 20 max

Sulphur dioxide 20 mg/kg min

Smell typical and specific for sugar

Reducing sugar 0.05% max by weight

HPN staph aureus not detected in 1 gram

Substance solid crystal

Tolerance (± 5%)

country of origin: brazil, south America

Packing & marking:

To secure the safety of the commodity during sea transportation the sugar is to be packed in new 50 (fifty) kilogram net double sacks, being one sack of polypropylene and the other of polyethylene and palletized. tare weight shall be 160 gram, minimum. uniformity of bagged net weight is of the essence. two percent (2%) spare bags shall be supplied free of charge. each bag shall be clearly marked (in english) with the following: Best quality Icumsa 45 Sugar, White Crystal Refined Sugar for sale at cheap wholesale prices available in bulk.

1) Name and grade of product

2) Use by date and crop year

3) Net weight

4) Code marks

Weight & quality inspection

the seller guarantees that product delivery will be provided with an inspection certificate of quality, quantity, and weight issued at seller’s expense at the time of delivery in the loading port. this inspection must certify that the entire product is in good order and prime condition, and in accordance with the specifications set forth above. sgs must perform the product inspection while loading at the port of loading.  seller will advise to the buyer 07 days in advance the date of the societe generale of surveillance (sgs) inspection.  buyer shall reserve the rights to witness loading at brazil port. White Crystal sugar online

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