A Quick Guide to The 3 Types of Mackerel Fish

There are over 30 species of mackerel, roughly divided into two general groups: True Mackerels known as Scombrini, and their sister species, Spanish Mackerels, the Scomberomorini. The Spanish Mackerels, particularly baby Spanish Mackerels, are favored across the globe as seafood of choice for their robust flavor, low cost, accessibility, and sustainability; they can be divided into three genera, Acanthocybium, Grammatorcynus, and Scomberomorus. Each of these contain several species with unique characteristics, flavors, and habitats. 

The Acanthocybium, Or The Wahoo

The Acanthocybium, also known as the Wahoo, is a mackerel found in the tropics and subtropics of the  Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. It is a prized game fish due to its speed, strength, size, and general proximity to land; however, it is also highly valued as a food fish. It has a mild flavor with pink-grey flesh, a lean texture, and a large circular flake. Most global sources of Wahoo come from the Caribbean and South Pacific, while most US supplies come from Hawaii. 


There are only two species in this type of mackerel, the Shark and Double Lined. 

  • Shark Mackerel are found only along the northern coast of Australia and the southern coastline of Papua New Guinea. They have an oily texture, dark meat, and a powerful ammonia scent when filleted; because of this, while they are edible, they are not favored as a food fish. 
  • Double-Lined Mackerel, also known as the Scad Mackerel, are found in the tropics and subtropics of the Indo-pacific region and northern Australia. They can grow up to 20-40 inches in length and weigh an average of 6-8 pounds. They have blue-white fillets, an oily, firm texture, and a sweet but mild flavor. These are commercially fished and often sold canned or frozen but are most commonly used as bait. the Scomberomorini


Scomberomorus is the most prominent family of Spanish mackerel, containing a total of 18 species; however, they are most famous for the King and Atlantic Spanish Mackerel.

  • King Mackerel is found in the Western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; it is a highly valued food fish for both commercial and recreational fishing industries. King Mackerel has lean, oily flesh that is very rich. It is sold fresh and best prepared grilled, fried, or smoked. 
  • Atlantic Spanish Mackerel is the most widely available and popular Spanish Mackerel and can grow up to 13 pounds and are, on average, around 30 inches in length. They are sold fresh and frozen as fillets. They have a white, lean flesh with a slightly acidic flavor.

Spanish Mackerel, especially baby Spanish Mackerel, is a favored food fish worldwide; considered a delicacy in India and the south pacific, they are a popular ingredient in countless dishes. If you are interested in purchasing Spanish Mackerel, you can view our listing here, or if you want to sell your bulk fish products through our trading portal, you can contact us here. We sell stockfish, Charcoal, ac compressor scrap, Skim milk in powder and many others.

The Scomberomorini

Baby Spanish Mackerel for sale
Baby Spanish Mackerel for sale
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