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Refurbished Laptops wholesale

Warranty(Year): 1-Year

Package:  Yes

Graphics Card Brand: Nvidia and many others

Body Material:  TPU+Plastic

Operating System: Windows 10, MacOs etc

After-sales Service:  Return and Replacement

Products Status:  Used, Refurbished



Are you looking for wholesale suppliers of refurbished Laptops online? Laptop computers are expensive, and with the ongoing pandemic, millions of people are now working and going to school online,  Laptops are also becoming very difficult to find especially at low prices. Therefore if you are facing some financial issues and you are short of budget, you should instead go in for a used or refurbished laptops. cheap laptops for sale. Get the best from LT10P LTD today! We have cheap and used laptops available for sale at wholesale factory prices. Here is the best place to buy refurbished laptops in large quantities and at low prices.

Furthermore, used and refurbished laptop computers are economically save, environmentally friendly, and it usually gets the job done as well as a new purchased laptop. But there are complications and risks with buying a used computer. With a little planning and some careful choices, you can find a deal on a laptop that you’ll use for years. That is why you should chose the right place where to buy your used and refurbished laptops. Used and Refurbished Laptops for sale at wholesale prices now from a reliable and constant laptop supplier.

Moreover, we are top supplier of used laptops, refurbished laptops, used computers and we operate on a 100% refund policy and a 1 year warranty offered on all our laptops.

Quick details of our cheap online laptops and Refurbished Laptops for sale

The following are some specifications of our available laptops.

Warranty(Year): 1-Year

Display Ratio: depends on the chosen laptop or computer.

Port: 3*USB3.0, thunderbolt ports and many others.

Plugs Type: EU

Package:  Yes

Hard Drive Type:  SSD and many others depending on the laptop.

Graphics Card Brand: Nvidia and many others

Body Material:  TPU+Plastic

Panel Type: OLED

Video Memory Type: With the main memory

Operating System: Windows 10, MacOs etc

Feature:  Touchscreen and non-touchscreen

Video Memory Capacity: Main memory allocated memory

Used and Refurbished Laptops for sale

Thickness: 18 – 20mm etc

Processor Main Frequency:  933.00MHz

Video Card:  NVIDIA Quadro T2000

After-sales Service:  Return and Replacement

Products Status:  Used, Refurbished

cheap laptops for sale

Screen Size: 13”,15″, 16”/17”,18”

Processor Manufacture: Intel

Processor Type: Intel Core2 Extreme

Graphics Card Type: Integrated Card

Brand Name:  Used laptops/Refurbished Laptops

Place of Origin:  Germany/United Kingdom

CPU:    Core I3/i5/i7 and many others.

RAM:  4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB DDR4

Memory:   250GB/512GB, 1TB

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Used vs. Refurbished computers:

“Used” means a laptop has been handled before by another end-user, someone like you, who bought the laptop in a brand new state and then either returned it or sold it. The term “refurbished” used to mean that a computer had gone back to the original manufacturer, which had then done any necessary repairs and certified it as functional or like-new. This generally meant that a refurbished laptop was more or less indistinguishable from a new laptop, possibly with more basic packaging and a 90-day warranty instead of a year but at LT10P LTD, you receive a 1 year warranty on all your purchased laptops. Here is the best place to buy refurbished laptops online because we have cheap and used laptops for wholesale.

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I've been using my refurbished laptop from LT10Plimited for a few months now and it's been working great, no issues at all.


I recently purchased a refurbished laptop from LT10Plimited and I'm very happy with the product. It works just as good as a brand new one.


I was skeptical about buying a refurbished laptop, but LT10Plimited has changed my mind with their quality products and affordable prices.


I've recommended LT10Plimited to several friends and they've all had great experiences with their refurbished laptops.


I saved a lot of money buying a refurbished laptop from LT10Plimited and it works just as well as a brand new one.

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