Best Supply of Europe Wood Pellets

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Our wood pellets significantly surpass all PFI premium principles. This pellet gives the most sultry BTU yield, least debris, and least measure of fire pot buildup. One of the absolute best in the United Kingdom and a client top choice for longer than 7 years.

One of the most smoking and cleanest wood pellets in North America. LT10P LTD has been perhaps the most popular, client top choices for longer than 10 years. Under .25% debris by weight, delivering 8500 BTU’s for every lb.


Best Supply of Europe Wood Pellets available at good prices. We are top distributors of High Biomass Wood Fuel Pellets at Competitive Price Wood Pellet.


Best Supply of Europe Wood Pellets

Best Supply of Europe Wood Pellets, High Biomass Wood Fuel Pellets, Competitive Price Wood Pellet: DescriptionsWood pellets are a renewable resource, the fuel that is already widely available in the world nowadays. The sawdust or wood shavings are compressed under great pressure and forced through holes. This is a hot process and the natural lignin in the sawdust/wood shavings melts and binds the dust together, holding the pellet in shape and giving it that characteristic sheen on the outside. Best Supply of Europe Wood Pellets

Economic efficiency: Wood pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency. Their high density also permits compact storage and rational transport over long distances. Electricity generated from pellets in converted coal plants is almost the same cost as electricity generated from natural gas, diesel. Best Supply of Europe Wood Pellets

Environmentally friendly: Wood pellets are a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels. Its production and use also bring additional environmental and social benefits. Competitive Price Wood Pellet

Using scopes: Biomass fuels replace fossil fuels in power plants, stoves, the boiler of textile, food, leather, animal feeding, dye industrials, and animal bedding.

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Pellets are produced by compressing the wood material which has first passed through a hammer mill to provide a uniform dough-like mass. This mass is fed to a press, where it is squeezed through a die having holes of the size required (normally 6 mm diameter, sometimes 8 mm or larger). The high pressure of the press causes the temperature of the wood to increase greatly, and the lignin plasticizes slightly, forming a natural “glue” that holds the pellet together as it cools. Competitive Price Wood Pellet, High Biomass Wood Fuel Pellets.

Product name
Original Premium Wood Pellet
Hard wood
≤ 10%
Calorific Content
4000 – 4900 Kcal/Kg
30 – 50mm
6 – 8mm
15kg Plastic Bag well sealed.
Cooking Fuel – Heating System
As Customer Requirements

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Best Supply of Europe Wood Pellets

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  1. Charis

    Fire catches easily with these pellets. Thanks

  2. Savannah

    The quality we received was as mentioned. We recommend this product.

  3. Katherin

    Quick response and good products. Will be back for more.

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