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Looking for where to buy scrap products online? Purchasing and shipping scrap products can be costly and full of issues. Through our Large Trading Portal, you’ll have the ability to choose from various types and sizes of scrap products, shipped directly to you. Some of our scrap products include: Plastic scrap for sale / Paper scrap for sale / Iron scrap for sale. Buy Scrap in Bulk from a reliable and constant supplier.

  • Used Rails and Iron Scrap for Sale:

    We provide a consistent and large supply of oil free, iron materials. Our iron scrap is explosive free and comes free of woody substances that can be problematic during manufacturing. Our iron scraps are clean, free from radioactive contamination and other poisonous materials. SGS inspection will be made at the discharge port after arrival of the vessel at the unloading port and will be strictly limited to used rails. Do you want to buy Scrap in Bulk online and get it delivered to your desired seaport? Oder all your iron, paper and even plastic scrap here.

  • AC and fridge compressors scrap:

    We provide the highest quality AC and fridge compressor scrap metal for sale at a competitive price. No rust, paint or dirt drained copper. With a monthly supply capacity of 2500 – 3000 metric tons, our copper content comes at an astounding 99.97%.

  • OCC/ONP/Waste Paper Scrap:

    We sell used magazines and newspaper scrap in monthly bulk quantities and package them bales. We supply the following materials: ONP, OINP, Magazine, OCC, Sorted Office Paper, Waste Yellow Pages Telephone directories, Waste newsprint paper and Mixed Paper. We source premium quality products and offer efficient and reliable delivery services worldwide.

  • Copper Wire Scrap for Sale:

Our copper scraps include wires, tubes and plates. We know how important copper is and that it is important to source raw materials. You can now easily Buy Scrap in Bulk online from us and be sure of receiving the best quality scrap. Buying and repurposing copper scrap to be recycled reduces the waste products when extracting copper. Our copper purity is 99.9% MIN and is available for sale as copper wire and copper granules. Iron scrap for sale.

  • PET Bottle Scrap Wholesale: 

    We provide 100% post industrial clear and clean PET bottle scrap pressed into bales. Bales do not come with caps, bottle rings, or labels and we guarantee our scrap bales are 100% PET with less than 0.01% moisture.

  • Over Issued Newspaper Wholesale:

    We offer over issued newspapers to reduce paper waste and paper scraps. It is completely environmentally friendly and used mostly in recyclable industries. We provide OCC waste paper and 100% cardboard in bales collected from private companies and sold worldwide. We offer monthly bulk quantities of paper in bales, both scrap and non-scrap. Buy Scrap in Bulk here and now. Looking for where to buy scrap products online? We are here to lead you through. We have Paper scrap for sale at factory prices.

  • Ceramic Gold CPU Processor Scrap:

    We supply very high yield gold recovery CPU ceramic processor scraps and computer motherboard scraps at wholesale pricing. We are able to supply a monthly amount at around 10-50 tons. This includes motherboard and other computer scrap, mobile phone scrap and Pcb scrap. Buy Scrap in Bulk including Plastic scrap for sale online in large quantities only.

  • LDPE Film Scrap Post-industrial Use:

    We offer 100% pure, well-packed industrial scraps and are a direct supplier of high-quality scraps of all kinds as mentioned below. Our film scraps include: PVC Scrap Resins (E-PVC S-PVC ), off-spec (semi-(rigid), soft) from pipe, window, film, credit card, compounding powder & granulate, medical, bags & tubes, bookbinding film, cables, shoe sole, etc. 

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